Welcome to the Java GForge SOAP Interface (JaGoSI for short) Web-Site

This is an approach to access the GForge collaboration platform with Java using SOAP which can be used for different applications to access GForge.

Example Usage

If you like to see an usage of the library you can take a look at the JaGoSI Client or an Ant Task which will use the JaGoSI library. Further detailed information can be found in the Example section.

Current Release

Starting with the Milestone 0.0.10 i have integrated some example applications (Client and Ant task) into the repository and restructured the repository.

The overview about the changes of the current Release of JaGoSI is available under Milestone 0.0.10 The source code for the current Release is available unter source:tags/JAGOSI-0.0.10 or you can checkout the source code from here: http://svn.soebes.de/jagosi/tags/JAGOSI-0.0.10


You can download the JAR files from the download area.


The current Release has two supplemental functions integrated getFileProcessorTypes() and getFileTypes() which are implemented cause we need these information during the call of createFile, cause a file in FRS area has a reference to processor type and file type. But these two methodes are not part of the official GForge PHP source code, cause i have implemented them in the PHP code. This enhancement of the PHP code is available under http://gforge.soebes.de. I have fixed some other bugs in the PHP Code to get a running version of the Java Code. Any change to the PHP code has been documented on the http://gforge.soebes.de page. The current release is working correctly with the SOAP-1.0.2 Release of the PHP code.


The JaGoSI package is currently distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) nothing else even if somewhere denoted differently.


This Package requires Java 1.5 or later. If you like to build JaGoSI yourself you need Ant or Maven 2.

If you have found any bug or just having questions, problems etc. Just write an EMail to jagosi@soebes.de

Starting Points

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